Karen Bates

Mrs Karen Bates is the Chair of Governors for the Growing Together Federation. Karen has had a long history of service to Bowerdean Nursery spanning many years. Karen is a local authority appointed governor. Karen’s children and granddaughter have attended Bowerdean.

Mrs Anita BoekeeEYPP Governor

Mrs Catherine Holdsworth Vice-Chairperson

Mrs Charlie Macdonald – Co-opted Governor

Mrs Linda Rose – Finance Premises & Personnel

Sue Skinner Executive Headteacher

Mrs Emma Lad- Policies

Mr Graham Dolan – Finance, Premises & Personnel

Mrs Glynn Laffan -Staff Governor     

Catherine Wright       Equalities

          Lindsay Dixon                   SEN

Governor Information – Growing Together Federation

Governor Newsletter Spring 2020

The Growing Together Federation is a federation formed between Bowerdean, Mapledean & Henry Allen Nursery Schools. They are the only stand alone maintained Nursery Schools in Buckinghamshire. The federation started on 1.9.2017. Our Governing Body is made up of representatives from the local authority, community, parents and staff. They meet together termly at full governor meetings and within committees covering pupil progress, premises, finance, curriculum and personnel. Governors take an active role in monitoring the services and providing a clear path of progress and development.

  • The school is accountable to the Governing Body
  • The Chair of Governors is Mrs Karen Bates

If you would like to speak to Karen then please contact her: –

Phone: 01494 521941

Email: office@bowerdean.bucks.sch.uk

Information about the full governing body and the committees they sit on can be found here.

Governor Information 2019-2020

Governor interests.

  • Mrs Emma Lad is employed as a clerk to governors for Hertfordshire County Council
  • Mrs Charlie Macdonald is a governor at Hyde Heath Infant School
  • Mrs Holdsworth, Mrs Wright & Mrs Dixon all have children who attended the Federation

Committee structure 2019-20

Governors 2019 / 2020

Mrs Karen Bates – Chairperson – Local Authority Governor – End date September  2021

Mrs Catherine Holdsworth – Vice Chair  –  Co-opted Governor – End date – September  2021

Mrs Sue Skinner – Executive Headteacher – End date 31/08/25

Mrs Linda Rose – Co-opted Governor – End date September  2021

Mrs Charlie Macdonald – Co-opted Governor – End date – September  2021

Mr Graham Dolan – Associate Governor – End date – September  2021

Mrs Lindsay Dixon – Co opted Governor – End date – September 2021

Mrs Catherine Wright – Parent Governor – End date – September 2021

Mrs Glynn Laffan – Staff Governor – End date – September  2021

Mrs Anita Boekee – Co-opted Governor – End date – October 2022

Mrs Jo Pearce – Clerk to the Governors

Miss Dawn Raphael – Bursar  – Finance Committee – Observer

Mrs Julia Collins – Bursar – Finance Committee – Observer

Mrs Zoe Staines – Assessment Coordinator – Observer

Mrs Linda Lyons – Assessment Coordinator – Observer

Mrs Emma Lad – Associate Governor – End date – September  2021


Attendance at Governor Meetings 2019 / 2020

Growing Together Federation   
 Governor Attendance 2019-20  
  Name Committee membership 02-Oct 23-Oct 06-Nov 15-Jan 12-Feb 18-Mar 01-Apr 06-May 20-May 03-Jun 08-Jul end date
HT Sue Skinner Y Y AR  /   /   /   /              Aug-25
LA Karen Bates (Chair) Y    /  obs  /   /                Sep-21
ST Glynn Laffan      /      AR               Sep-21
PA Kym Dawkins           R                
PA Catherine Wright Y    /   /     /                Sep-21
CO Catherine Holdsworth (Vice Chair)   Chair  /   /     /   /              Sep-21
CO Charlie Macdonald   Y AR  /     /   /              Sep-21
CO Anita Boekee   Y  /   /    AR  /              Oct-22
CO Graham Dolan (Finance) Chair    /     /   /                Sep-21
CO Linda Rose Y    /     /   /                Sep-21
CO Lindsay Dixon   Vice chair  /   /     /   /              Sep-21
CO Lisa Latchford (resigned 14 Jan) Y    /    AR                 Sep-21
Ass Emma Lad (Policies)   clerk    /       /              Sep-21
      % attendance 82 100 80 72 100              
FGB Full Governing Body meeting     12 voting members                  
FPP Finance, Premises and Personnel Committee 6 voting members. Catherine Wright added on 15 Jan 2020        
Pupil Pupil Progress Committee     6 voting members                  
 /  Present                            
AR Apologies received and accepted                            
Associate Members do not need to attend FGB and are not included in attendance %                
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